Kitchen renovation after surgery, arthritis, stroke; Universal Design in Winnipeg

We have over 30 years experience in Occupational Biomechanics andErgonomic design, and now we would like to introduce our expertise to your Kitchen.

Ergonomics is human engineering, the biomechanical science of designing an environment to fit the individual.

As a physiotherapist,
I have the unique expertise to design or modify your environment to fit your body’s circumstance. Whether you are a post surgical knee or hip, recovering from frozen shoulder or severe arm pain, suffering from osteoarthritis, or cancer. Like the office, the kitchen is where the “work” gets done, it’s the highest function room in your house; making that work efficient is the goal of our yourPhysio Mobility design service.


Our yourPhysio Mobility design service does travel to remote locations, to assess your onsite, ergonomic needs as dictated by your musculoskeletal restrictions; whether that be post-surgical, as the result of injury or due to a painful condition or adapting the cottage to a wheelchair.


We have access to thousands of “mobility” products and can source those catalogues only available to Physio- and Occupational therapists.


This service, as provided by a registered physiotherapist would be covered under most private insurance and company benefit programs. We will always consult with your home builder, and can make recommendations if required for the builder, or even the design consultants at Home Depot, Rona, etc.

Please, enjoy your cottage every year
…those years that are “golden”, those of retirement…to good friends, good wine and good food…Cheers

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