Golf 911 for Winnipeg Golfers

Is your swing blocked or restricted?

Can’t walk the course anymore without pain?

Does it hurt to bend?

Did you just have a hip or knee replacement?


We can work with your golf professional to increase swing mobility and get you back onto the range for that next lesson.

As a PGA and CPGA recognized course, in 1993 the former BacktoGolf sportsmedicine network in conjunction with the Pebble Beach Golf Academy discovered the ‘stabilized spine golf swing’.  Since other golf fitness programs instructors have incorporated ‘core movement’ within the swing to better protect and avoid the twisting stress upon the neck, thorax and back.


Remember…always R.I.C.E during the first 72 hours after any traumatic injury:
Ice, Compression, Elevation

From the weekend athlete,
to some of the world’s finest
curlers, golfers, hockey players,
marathoners, squash players…

we can usually see you in-clinic within 24 hrs.
if not the same day!

Call   204- 9 4 3  8 4 1 1

An in-person or virtual assessment should be completed before starting any exercise program

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