Wednesdays at Canadian Footwear on Adelaide

Due to Covid 19, and the unprecedented decrease in the Downtown Winnipeg population working at the office, I am offering clinical time at the Canadian Footwear, Foot Health Clinic on Adelaide.

Whether it be heel or arch pain, ankle injury, chronic knee or hip arthritis, myofascial ‘tight hips’ or even back pain due to the gait you’ve adopted because of pain; our Healthcare Team on Adelaide can provide a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan to get you back to your activities.

With FREE parking for customers, clients of Canadian Footwear,

NO FEE direct billing to your private insurance and company benefit plan

NO FEE patient chart

and a 15 min consult with EVERY pair of shoes purchased at Canadian Footwear on Adelaide.

Call 204- 9 4 4 7 4 6 0 for the Foot Healthcare Clinic to see a Pedorthist about your orthotic potential or

204- 9 4 3 8 4 1 1 to consult a Physiotherapist