yourPhysio Group 2022: Concierge

Your First Visit with yourPhysio Group Account

General Concierge Services

Onboarding: Employees download the app and are immediately required to select a Concierge from our team after reviewing their photo, bios, & credentials
Team: Concierges’ have a minimum of MSc in a health-related field and have been trained in Concierge Services, Triage, Tech Support, & Insurance plans
Health Risk Assessment: The Concierge will direct employees to an HRA as a first step (see second column for more details on Curv Health’s many HRAs)
Introductory Video Call: Employees will be prompted to schedule or drop-in to an introductory video call to explain Curv Health, review their benefits, etc.
General Inquires: After the Introductory Video Call, employees can securely message their selected Concierge with any questions about the app/service
Triage: The Concierge is the first point of contact to help employees navigate the app & their benefits – whether to Counselling, Coaches, or the Clinic
Care Implementation: The Concierge will guide employees to the Curv Health Clinic and follow up with patients via message to drive program compliance
Response SLA: The Curv Health Concierge is a dedicated resource, not an on- demand service yet we still maintain an SLA of 15mins during M-F, 9-5pm local

Health Risk Assessments (HRA)
Comprehensive, question-based video survey of overall medical history & health with analysis & recommendations
Physical Health (1/2): Comprehensive, question-based survey of physical health status including activity, sedentary, injuries, goals, etc.
Physical Health (2/2): Comprehensive physical health screen using proprietary Computer Vision Assessments to measure mobility, flexibility, strength, etc.
Ergonomic Health: Ergonomic screen of working posture & environment with detailed metrics of key angles for observation & correction
Nutritional Health: Comprehensive, question-based survey of nutritional health characteristics including habits, knowledge, areas of improvement, goals, etc.
Mental Health: Comprehensive, question-based survey of mental health profile including baseline state, knowledge of subclinical options, goals, etc.

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