Easy Connect virtual Ergonomic Assessment

We have been your ergonomic resource since 1991; Winnipeg’s first ergonomic initiative with onsite assessments, education seminars and ergonomic programs for companies of all sizes. As a member of the ‘knowledge-based economy’, I bring over 30 years expeience in sports rehab, ergonomics and healthcare management.

Today, more people have chosen or been mandated to work from home. Unfortunately, not everyone already had a ‘home office’ designated, and ready to go.

My goal is to ensure our clients are in compliance with the current CSA Z412 Standard: Office ergonomics — An application standard for ‘workplace’ ergonomics. Up until last March, your home was NOT your workplace and you may have had to literally, throw a laptop onto your kitchen table and GO.

If you are experiencing those common aches and pains; in the neck-shoulders, lower back, hand-wrist-elbows…a simple, 30-45 minute ergonomic assessment, AND exercise prescription session will definitely help.

A one-on-one online-based assessment with a Canadian Registered Physiotherapist, with 30 years of experience in ergonomic assessment and education programming; that aims to optimize the comfort of remote or home office set-ups, improve productivity, and help protect workers from musculoskeletal discomfort. This efficient assessment uses the secure and popular video conferencing platforms such as FaceTime, Zoom, and/or Facebook Messenger video call. I can also refer you to specific exercise instruction and home equipment sources.

Given that this is a relatively, NEW service, provided virtually by a registered physiotherapist;

it is covered by most company benefit programs and/or private insurance,

such as Blue Cross, Canada Life (Great West Life), Sun Life and others (WCB and MPI). If coverage is not available, I do offer a subscription service to spread the fee over a 4 week payment opportunity. As these services should be available to everyone during this stressful time in our history.

Email yrphysio@gmail.com

Text 204- 9 4 3 8 4 1 1

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to setup your virtual session today