yourPhysio Group 2022: Coach

two (2) months of FITNESS COACH with yourPhysio Group Account

Coach Services

Introductory Call: 30minute introductory video call with health assessments of physical, nutritional, mental status which generates a custom, 4-week, comprehensive health program
Program Design Call: Monthly, scheduled 30minute video call for employee & Coach to connect and update their personalized program
Daily Messaging: Ability for employee to message with their Coach daily, asking questions about their program, confirming basic questions about exercise form, adding new routines or activities, modifying workload, etc.
Physical Health: All programs can contain physical health attributes that focus on: strength, cardio, mobility, flexibility, activity reminders, etc.
Nutritional Health: All programs can contain nutritional health attributes that focus on: healthy habits, increasing vegetable consumption, vitamins or medication reminders, etc.
Mental Health: All programs can contain mental health attributes that focus on: stress, anxiety, meditation, goal setting, gratitude, journaling, etc.

Example Programs
Stress Management: A program aiming to reduce stress through methods such as meditation, journaling, time management, sleep improvement and developing work-leisure boundaries.
Joint Mobility: An exercise-based program focused on improving mobility, to reduce muscle tension and general aches and pains.
Exercise for Strength: A program designed to improve upper-body, lower-body and core strength through functional and full-body exercises.
Weight Management: This program includes exercise and nutrition activities to help individuals manage weight and develop health habits.
Balanced Eating: A nutrition program focused on educating clients on balanced eating, with basic meal suggestions and support in building healthy eating habits.
Exercise for Heart Health: A program focused on improving cardiovascular fitness and overall heart health through aerobic exercise.

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