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Pain Relief any where, any time

Due to the Corona virus Covid19, physiotherapy services in Winnipeg can now be accessed online as coordinated with our online services) or

with a traditional, Home Visit by yourPhysio; all covered and direct billed to your private insurance or company benefit plan

Online Easy Connect

As we maintain restricted, clinical hours through these viral circumstances, more companies have allowed or mandated employees to work from home. In order to provide seamless, continuation of your rehab I have implemented this online, email followup or video-call consultation service.

We are now part of the Curv Health Network (curvhealth.com); this system provides the ability to access Physiotherapy, Psychotherapy and Nutritional Consults billed directly through your health benefits plan. Via Curv Health you can access these services at a significant discount, so tell your HR Department about CurvHealth.com

Upon downloading the app (Apple or Android); select me as your Physiotherapist in Manitoba, book your appointment after all the initial details and you’re connected to a great virtual platform. We secure your personal data and privacy only by using PIPEDA, HIPAA and GDPRA compliant software and a 256-bit encryption for these services.

Ongoing support, from an experienced physiotherapist in sports med, ergonomics, biomechanics and exercise prescription; with over 30+ years of experience and 20,000+ clients now pain free.

This service will be implemented over a 4 week minimum, cost exactly the same as an in-clinic assessment and be direct billed to your insurance provider.

This online, consultation via email or video-call will include:

  • orthopaedic triage of your injury each week
  • progressive, treatment options at home
  • home exercise guidance and training, especially those that own home equipment or gym memberships
  • home delivery of exercise tubing, bands or foam rolls for those that require the basics (free delivery for WEA members, plus their employees and clients of Concourse Physiotherapy)
  • this service is an excellent option for those post-surgical, joint replacements, on crutches or unable to get to their local clinic
  • home office ergonomic assessment and training; because you’re sitting in a chair not meant for office work and the kids have not moved from your couch
  • all for the cost of an assessment visit in-clinic ($95) or with treatment add-on ($85) billed directly to your insurance provider, with statement and any balance of fee emailed to the client (interact transfer available) email yrphysio@gmail.com to contact yourPhysio directly for direct insurance billing
  • if private insurance is unavailable, we have initiated a subscription option for the online email consult to be allocated over the 4 weeks; email yrphysio@gmail.com to create your account
  • if you want greater detail; FaceTime and video call on Facebook Messenger are also available for the treatment add-on fee

As all your gyms and fitness classes are cancelled, for those that cannot afford ‘personal training’ this will be a great alternative for those clients with home equipment or gym memberships; with every workout we try to progress your strength, endurance, technique and health to maximize your work, home and play life.

Easy Connect Home Visit

(for ‘essential services personnel’ and/or those with emergent care required to maintain their normal activity)

As individuals choose, companies allow or mandate that employees work from home, it is imperative that injury rehab continue. As most private insurance and company benefit plans have home physiotherapy categories, this service is easily billed directly to most healthcare insurance providers. Our Home Visit for physiotherapy services shall include:

  • onsite orthopaedic triage
  • onsite treatment options of manual therapy, low level laser, ultrasound and electrotherapy
  • home exercise plans
  • home office or specific task ergonomic assessment
  • upon request, the physiotherapist may wear a protective mask and/or gloves, but hygiene shall remain a priority
  • all for the cost of an assessment visit in-clinic ($95) with treatment add-on ($85) billed directly to your insurance provider (each visit total $180, with statement and any balance of fee emailed to the client (interac etransfer available)
  • home treatment equipment is also available for rent (fees listed here on Shop Physiotherapy Winnipeg)
  • a 24hr Emergency Contact is also available online