Chris Bisignano


WHY are you waiting to see an orthopaedic specialist?

As the longest standing tenant now, of 201 Portage avenue (formerly TD Centre); I offer 30 plus years of experience in orthopedics, ergonomics in every industry and sports medicine.

I maintain NEXT DAY services, free direct billing to your company benefit program or private insurance, including MPI and WCB and I guarantee your appointment, as I’ve never had a WAITING ROOM.

So, why are you waiting?

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looking for an Occupational Health, Wellness and Ergonomics Consultant ?

Health and wellness in the workplace has never been such a heated debate. From the role of vaccines, to office building ventilation, to employee interactions. Economic issues in the workplace, including rising insurance costs and workers compensation cases, create the need for an ‘occupational health professional’ in the boardroom. 

Businesses are looking to occupational health professionals to develop programs that help employees manage health conditions, such as: back pain, obesity, respiratory illness and diabetes. I propose that a Physiotherapist is best educated for such a role.

  • comprehensive Physiotherapy services
  • Ergonomic consultant