About your Physio at Concourse Physiotherapy Winnipeg

WHY are you waiting to see an orthopaedic specialist?

If I was yourPhysio,

at Concourse Physiotherapy, you would have access to:

physiotherapy services within the NEXT BUSINESS DAY,

FREE direct billing to most employee benefit or private insurance plans,

FREE chart maintenance and

Parking on Albert Street or if required in our parkade (35 Albert Street) or if you’re just visiting the Exchange District, drop by for a visit (I’ll cover your parking) and

be able to walk indoors via the concourse-walkway system, anywhere Downtown to 201 Portage (formerly TD Centre) that is connected via the W-walkway in Winnipeg.

We have been your ergonomic resource since 1991;

Winnipeg’s first ergonomic initiative with onsite assessments, education seminars and ergonomic programs for companies of all sizes. As a member of the ‘knowledge-based economy’, I bring over 30 years expeience in sports rehab, ergonomics and healthcare management,

FACT: I have earned over 30,000 hours in ergonomics, education and engineering,

in Manitoba, northwestern Ontario and the United States, and can offer

a comprehensive, service solution to your health and safety requirements.


The Occupational Health Physiotherapist shall provide:

  • a Baseline Interview with all employees
    • establishing realistic goals according to their own health concerns
    • offer baseline health testing; blood pressure, resting/exercise heart rate, cardiopulmonary function, musculoskeletal flexibility/strength, core balance and gait screening
  • a proactive Health, Wellness and Fitness Plan
    • based on established goals, personal resources and benefit plans
    • offer further musculoskeletal, or ergonomic evaluation
    • offer long covid, or mental wellness consultation 
  • preventative leads to further healthcare resources
    • based on current health and historical concerns
    • offer personal inter-disciplinary communication
  • specific education opportunities
    • based on historical company data, human resource requests
    • active lifestyle promotion, and inclusion within company, building, neighborhood and community
  • further development of company policy, regarding:
    • ergonomics, and the return to work from injury
    • fitness, and disease prevention
    • environmental, and infection prevention
    • disability, and company inclusion

‘Risk management’ in company culture, now assumes an entirely new definition. In order to attract and maintain employees, to be socially, and environmentally responsible, to maintain profitability…businesses must manage their health and wellness risks, by investing proactively in their human resources.

Chris Bisignano has over 30 years of ergonomic assessment experience; for those that

‘sit-for-a-living’ in Downtown Winnipeg or anyone that’s uses a computer, we treat

tennis elbow, low back pain, whiplash, rotator cuff strains, knee sprains, osteoarthritis

and more; with portable, home-use rental equipment available.

But Concourse Physio has experience in the community, university and government;

volunteering and working for the Manitoba, Ontario Governments along with

professional Associations at the Provincial and National Boards,

University of Manitoba, Queen’s and Michigan Sports Teams,

Manitoba Marathon, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Winnipeg Fury, Canadian Brier,

World Junior Hockey Tournament, Pan Am Games.

Talk directly to yourPhysio by phone; TD Centre clinic

204- 9 4 3 8 4 1 1

or text our consultant cell

204- 9 4 3 8 4 1 1

since 1991
we have been Winnipeg’s ergonomic resource, performing thousands of onsite, ergonomic assessments for individuals, departments and companies. I shall provide an extensive list of past, and current clients upon request. These companies take pride, and responsibility for the safety and health of their employees.