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During this pandemic, so many have been given the option or mandated to work from home; unfortunately, home office ergonomics are not a priority, with many on laptops just on the kitchen table.

Whether it be neck, back or most frequently, elbow-wrist pain; the location of your mouse/keyboard and how they dictate your posture, have caused this increase in mouse elbow, tennis or golfers’ elbow. lateral or medial epicondylitis.

ITIS meaning inflammation of the finger/wrist muscle tendons as they attach onto the bones at the elbow.

We will triage your injury and assess your ergonomics via a virtual Physiotherapy session. Whether you prefer to use Zoom, MS Teams, Skype, Facetime or even Facebook Messenger video calling.

A dual support brace is also included (a $45 value)

Best of all; this physiotherapy service is COVERED by private insurance or your company benefit plan, PLUS

we do NOT charge for direct billing (NO up-front costs) and there is no fee to maintain your chart!

Please check with your Plan Administrator or Human Resource department for physiotherapy coverage details; as the average Blue Cross plan covers only 80% and you are responsible for the difference.

Your plan shall be billed before delivery, and the balance collected at your home by cash payment or interac etransfer.

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