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Need Pain Relief Today?

We’ll do a virtual or online triage, and assessment of your pain or injury site.

if appropriate, you’ll receive an appropriate joint or back support wrap ($20 value),

along with an ice/hot gel pack ($25 value), with it’s own velcro wrap (by far, the easiest to use available)

with followup via email, with our registered Physiotherapist; initiating an exercise plan from home. See some videos below to help you get pain relief today!

Best of all; this physiotherapy service is COVERED by private insurance or your company benefit plan, PLUS

we do NOT charge for direct billing (NO up-front costs) and there is no fee to maintain your chart!

Please check with your Plan Administrator or Human Resource department for physiotherapy coverage details; as the average Blue Cross plan covers only 80% and you are responsible for the difference.

Your plan shall be billed before delivery, and the balance collected at your home by cash payment or interac etransfer.

CALL 204- 9 4 3 8 4 1 1

TEXT 204- 9438411


to setup a convenient time in the next few hours to


How to use your Back Support Wrap

When should you use ice or heat for back pain?


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