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Tennis Elbow more common in those who do not play racquet sports…Downtown Winnipeg computer users get Laser or ShockWave therapy today!

Q: My doctor says my elbow pain is due to tennis elbow. But I don’t play tennis. Could you explain how this has come about and what I can do about it? A: “Tennis elbow” is a common term for a condition doctors call lateral epicondylitis. It’s caused by inflammation of the tendon that connects … Continue reading

Your SmartPhone habits may be the cause of ‘Text-Neck’ pain in Winnipeg

yourPhysio is treating an increase in patients with neck and upper back pain. Computer use, tablets, smartphones or previously, just reading in bed bad habit were likely the causal factors. But now researchers are focused on communication via text, and the pain related to poor posture during prolonged smartphone use, according to a recent report … Continue reading

Chronic Pain? Here’s why you need to try Shockwave Therapy Winnipeg

Radial Shockwave Therapy (rSWT) for muscle, joint, ligament and myofascial pain, brings the technology for disintegrating kidney stones in to the Physiotherapy clinic for chronic pain, musculoskeletal problems. It is great for: Chronic Neck and Low Back trigger points Calcific, shoulder Rotator Cuff Tendinitis TMJ, chronic jaw pain Achilles tendinitis Plantar fasciitis, heel-arch pain Tennis … Continue reading

Floss? Dynamic stretching for Sciatica Back Pain in Winnipeg

Sciatica? Do you have lower back pain referred down the buttocks, or even the leg and foot; with numbness, tingling, abnormal sensation in those same areas? It is very common, especially in Downtown Winnipeg, where nearly everyone ‘sits-for-a-living’. Research says ‘flossing’ may not help our teeth, but flossing or dynamically stretching the nervous tissue is … Continue reading

Get up to your Standing Core with Physiotherapy Winnipeg

If sitting is the ‘new disease’, then remember your ‘standing core’! Your ‘core’ includes any musculature about your central skeleton that may balance your trunk (not a booty remark). You must include more standing postures in your work day to avoid back pain and other health concerns. Get more from your company benefits or private … Continue reading

Golf Season in Winnipeg, are you prepared?

The ‘Stabilized Spine’ golf swing, initially developed by H.J. Ferrante PT,and Tommy Nix (PGA Class A Professional), the stabilized golf swing allows golfers to be able to swing without injury. The body oriented swing reduces the side bending and rotation of the spine, and uses the muscles of the trunk, hips, and legs to produce … Continue reading

Foam Rolling your way to less Back Pain Winnipeg

As benefit dollars remain tight, we’re all looking for ways to DIY…whether it be online diagnosis, nutrition or exercise plans. Lately, in Downtown Winnipeg; ‘everyone’s asking about foam rollers’ and how to use them. Foam rollers, therapy balls, self massage toys are all a form of self-myofascial release. All muscles have a ’tissue wrap’, the … Continue reading

Computer or Mouse or Tennis Elbow pain in Winnipeg

If you ‘sit-for-a-living’ at a computer, with ‘mouse oriented’ software; you are at risk of developing a painful condition called ‘computer or mouse or tennis elbow’. Since 1991, we have been the ‘ergonomic resource’ for many Winnipeg companies and individuals in, and around Downtown Winnipeg. The traditional ‘tennis elbow’ or lateral epicondylitis is a major … Continue reading

Buy your next car or truck on Ergonomic Value Winnipeg

Is it really the best time to buy a car right now in Winnipeg? Deals on 2015’s…but that pothole filled test drive will make any salesperson cringe. What about the fit? We fit shoes; there’s a size, function, support, brand, color…sound familiar? Your vehicle’s ‘ergonomics’, how you interact with it’s controls as you drive are … Continue reading

Know your Biomechanics at the Winnipeg Gym

No pain, no gain, right? Well, not when it comes to your knees. Sore knees are a common complaint from workout fiends — and they can definitely be a downer. Making a few easy modifications to common gym exercises can ease the aches and safeguard your joints during exercise. Word to the wise: See your Physio … Continue reading

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