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Tele-Rehab, Virtual Physio in Winnipeg, and beyond

yourPhysio is offering ‘tele-rehabilitation’; a virtual therapy session to compliment the treatment or lack thereof due to these viral circumstances.  Scroll down for more information.

Get Pain Relief delivered to your door! …plus

But there are exceptions, that I can still assess in-clinic:

Under Order (changing day-to-day), the new public health order issued by the Government of Manitoba states that “any authorized health professional may provide urgent or emergent care.”

Given the lack of specific definition of what constitutes urgent and emergent care, I am going to adopt these criteria, used at several private practices:

1) In the absence of physiotherapy services, the patient will require services in an emergency department setting (i.e. severe pain).

2) The patient is an essential service provider (i.e. health care worker, first responder) who is unable to work due to an acute injury or exacerbation of a pre-existing injury.

3) The patient is seeking services related to a recent surgery or removal of a cast/immobilizer.

4) In the absence of physiotherapy services, the patient’s functional status will deteriorate to the point of requiring hospitalization in the foreseeable future.

If you feel you meet the above criteria, please give us a call at:

204- 9 4 3 8 4 1 1 or

text 204- 2 9 1 8 4 1 2 to discuss your options. 

Each physiotherapist must assess whether the risk of not providing services outweighs the risks of exposing the physiotherapist, staff and/or the patient to COVID-19.

Safety Protocols for In-Person Physiotherapy:

1) Patients are screened upon arrival for risk factors related to COVID-19.

2) No visitors are allowed to accompany a patient unless it is the parent of a minor or an escort for a person with a disability.

3) Masks and gloves will be provided upon request, for the safety of the therapist.  Patients who feel they require a mask should stay at home.

4) Physical distancing should be maintained as much as possible between therapist and patient, and between other patients or staff.

5) Full sanitation of treatment space will be performed after the treatment session finishes with facility approved cleaners and wet contact times observed.

6) We discourage payments by cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is telerehabilitation?
See our Easy Connect Virtual Services

2) Am I a candidate for telerehab?
Review the above criteria, and if you are unsure, please call us. We will connect you with your therapist who will help determine if you are a suitable candidate for this service or in-clinic services.

3) How does it work?
I will be using a combination of either Apple FaceTime, Zoom, Facebook Messenger video-call or Microsoft Teams. Upon virtual assessment, home pain management ergonomic assessment of your home and exercise prescription shall follow, along with physician/work letters, specialist referrals, etc.

4) What equipment do I need?
You can use your mobile device or computer for your Easy Connect Virtual Physic sessions. Please make sure your device is charged, you have a secure internet connection and/or download the appropriate app to enable quick connection at the time of your call and enable camera access.

5) How do I book?
I encourage you to use the email form (scroll down for New Patient form pdf) or

call 204- 9 4 3 8 4 1 1

text 204- 2 9 1 8 4 1 2

to setup an online session

6) How much does it cost?
Assessment $89
Treatment $79 (save at least 45 minutes)

7) Is it covered by insurance?

As of April 16, we have confirmed that these services are covered by:
Canada Life (Great West Life), Green Shield
Manitoba Blue Cross, Sun Life
Johnston Group, Chambers of Commerce
Maximum Benefit, Manulife
Johnson Inc., Industrial Alliance
Blue Cross Federal Programs: CAF for existing claims to a max of 4 sessions

If you are a MPI or WCB client; please confirm with your adjuster if such services will be covered

8) How do I pay?
Either by an interact email (online etransfer) or in some cases we can direct bill to your private insurance and/or company benefit program (with your written consent)

9) Can I receive virtual services if I am in another province or country?
Only those Ergonomic Assessments not conducted as part of a physiotherapy treatment plan

10) I just want to talk to my physio with a few quick questions. Do I need to book an official session?
Yes, your physiotherapist is operating under their professional licensure requirements and cannot provide medical advice unless done so under a mutually agreed, and signed consent contract. If you have specific medical questions for your therapist book an Easy Connect session.

11) How do I send my consent forms back to you?
If you have the ability to print and sign the forms, please do.  Then you can scan or take a photo of them and send them back to us via the secure email.  Otherwise your Physio will obtain your verbal consent and review the consent to treatment forms with you. If direct billing is requested, specific insurance forms must be signed.

12) What if I have further questions or feedback?
Please call us

204- 9 4 3 8 4 1 1

and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. Given this is a new service, we also welcome suggestions for improvement as well. Your feedback is important to us!