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your Concourse Physiotherapy Winnipeg update to prevent back pain

An in-person or virtual assessment should be completed before starting any exercise program; created for those alumni of Concourse Physiotherapy that want the latest articles, exercises and information regarding back pain, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, etc.

This information is gathered, and reviewed by the physiotherapist from a number of sources, such that you do not have to hunt through the internet, ‘self diagnose’ and just not know where to go next.

Please don’t hesitate to check back monthly for updates:

Was your back pain due to shoveling, raking, lifting, or golf, baseball, hockey? All of these require ‘rotational power’, and it’s those smaller, deep muscles of the spine that frequently do not get strengthened enough. Check out these exercise videos for great, ‘swing’ exercises!

Core exercise by Physiotherapy Winnipeg
Core exercise by Physiotherapy Winnipeg

Ready to take the ‘PLANK’ challenge? Learn more about your core, and how this relatively, simple exercise can benefit your health, click here for the article …try to plank each day for a month (let me know the result)


Are you a runner? no, well apply these principles to how you walk, do stairs or play; and now you’ve got the basics to prevent your back pain from happening again, check out this article.

Great video on ‘understanding your gluteal muscles’; for those that ‘sit-for-a-living’, this is an absolute must watch; click here


For pre-natal, peri-natal or post-natal…back pain is almost always a problem; you must learn to breathe diaphragmatically, engage the core, re-train those kegel’s and get your spouse to do these also; go here for 6 exercises


Another video for those that ‘swing’, golfers, tennis, baseball…some standing core exercises that incorporate your trunk rotators for greater strength and stability.

If you don’t have the space for a medicine ball, exercise bands or tubing works great when tied to something you know you cannot move; see the video

If you do not have therapy bands or tubing, come in for some instruction, specific to your condition or sport activity; you can purchase this offer online

You must remember to stretch those hip flexors. You know I gave you that as ‘homework’; that ‘dynamic lunge’ exercise is a must; here is your review

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