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your Physio updates for neck-shoulder pain in Winnipeg

An in-person or virtual assessment should be completed before starting any exercise program;

these are created for those alumni of Concourse Physiotherapy that want the latest articles, exercises and information regarding neck pain, whiplash, headaches, etc.

This information is gathered, and reviewed by the physiotherapist from a number of sources, such that you do not have to hunt through the internet, ‘self diagnose’ and just not know where to go next.

Please don’t hesitate to check back monthly for updates:


Neck pain still hindering your activities? Check out this article on specific biomechanics and postures that can make a difference at work, rest and play!

Diaphragmatic breathing is opposite that of ‘chest breathing’, and is really your first core exercise. If you breathe with chest expansion/shoulder shrugs, you are engaging the accessory muscles of upper respiration and will always aggravate chronic neck pain. Learn about breathing during activity and exercise here!

‘Eccentric’ training; a must for any gym routine. Your neck and upper back stabilize and hold your head in place, for function and structural health. Check out this article to understand eccentric muscle work and always include a SLOW RETURN in your exercises to maximize muscle work!

Because head and neck posture combine to form the dreaded ‘forward head posture’, please check your posture with each task; proper ergonomics slows you down initially, but practice makes perfect; postural exercise

neck and upper back pain of whiplash

Did you know the accessory muscles for breathing are those ones that feel constantly tense, the ones at the base of the neck, towards the shoulder blades…the picture above points to the ‘upper Trapezius’ muscle; the most common trigger points of the neck. If you hold your ‘tension and stress’ there, you must learn to breathe, no, really! check this article


Smartphones, and their apps, have changed the way we communicate and access information forever. Your neck and upper back take the brunt of this constant rounded, slumped posture; here’s a few stretches to prevent ‘text neck pain’


rSWT Shockwave therapy for those chronic, neck-shoulder pains

Many patients have asked about foam rollers and how to use them, especially for daily release and tension headaches. If you have one, fantastic; here is a great video focusing on the neck-upper back

If you don’t have a foam roller yet, I’m still offering the best deal on the internet…no really, and it’s covered by your company benefit plan or private insurance, just call me or hit the upper right CONTACT button for an appointment; check this out here