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Floss? Dynamic stretching for Sciatica Back Pain in Winnipeg

Sciatica? Do you have lower back pain referred down the buttocks, or even the leg and foot; with numbness, tingling, abnormal sensation in those same areas?


It is very common, especially in Downtown Winnipeg, where nearly everyone ‘sits-for-a-living’. Research says ‘flossing’ may not help our teeth, but flossing or dynamically stretching the nervous tissue is another way to prevent, and lessen this back pain. No stretch should create pain, get assessed by your Physio before trying these exercises.

Almost everyone has seen that ‘camel or cat back’ exercise; on all fours, rolling the back upwards, and downwards, we move the nervous tissue associated with sciatic pain.


Reaching, with back extension exercises will help strengthen the muscle supports around the spine.


Give yourself more reasons to stand, and if you include a ‘sit-stand workstation’, know your ergonomics!


Don’t hesitate to ask…

1 thought on “Floss? Dynamic stretching for Sciatica Back Pain in Winnipeg

  1. Wow that camel stretch worked wonders! I actually felt quite a “satisfying” feeling from that stretch and it really calmed my sciatic pain flare up. Hopefully these stretches can keep me going for a while. I tried a lot of the stretches on this site and they were also super useful! I’m really trying to go for natural treatments only as I want to leave surgey as an absolute last option. Thanks so much for these tips!

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