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Get up to your Standing Core with Physiotherapy Winnipeg

If sitting is the ‘new disease’, then remember your ‘standing core’! Your ‘core’ includes any musculature about your central skeleton that may balance your trunk (not a booty remark).

You must include more standing postures in your work day to avoid back pain and other health concerns. Get more from your company benefits or private insurance Winnipeg, know your ergonomics at work, home and play!

Now apply some of those ‘abdominal’ exercises you did on your back;

the Standing ‘knee-cross crunch’


a great standing exercise for balance and hip-pelvic stability; incorporate some kegels for extra control.

the Standing ‘sidebend-reach’


lower to the side slowly, to maintain control; include some diaphragmatic breathing to stimulate all the intercostal muscles.

the Lateral ‘elbow-knee, side crunch’


again incorporating balance, with hip-knee-ankle stability; this exercise will challenge you. No? do it with your eyes closed then.

the Medicine ball or Tubing ‘cross-body chop’


either exercise prop can assist your directional effort in this exercise. Golfers, try not to focus on your ‘hold’ as you may regret the ‘tension’ effects.

the Tubing or Med ball ‘trunk rotation’


move, and resist, slowly; swing through for those tennis players, golfers look down the tubing and finish with the wrists. You could even work in your ‘address position’, batting stance or fore- or backhand pose Winnipeg!


Finally, give yourself some space, create¬† your own ‘weighted pillow’ and get into some plyometrics! Down to the floor, up to the sky or against that concrete wall in the basement; a great way to include functional, sport force into your movement. Throw n catch against a mini-trampoline for extra challenge or get a partner!

Get ready Winnipeg for these functional, standing core exercises and get more from your company benefit plan or private insurance with Physiotherapy Winnipeg today! Check out our clinical facility at 201 Portage today (ask security for directions or call ahead.