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Foam Rolling your way to less Back Pain Winnipeg

As benefit dollars remain tight, we’re all looking for ways to DIY…whether it be online diagnosis, nutrition or exercise plans. Lately, in Downtown Winnipeg; ‘everyone’s asking about foam rollers’ and how to use them.

Foam rollers, therapy balls, self massage toys are all a form of self-myofascial release. All muscles have a ’tissue wrap’, the fascia; and it too can become bound, thick and lumpy. This can create painful, trigger points. A common example for runners; the dreaded Iliotibial Band, from hip to knee, with connections to both our quadriceps and hamstring muscles. It can influence pelvic biomechanics and contribute to back pain.


Foam rollers can be used to ‘roll out’ or lengthen, and relax our tight muscles. You can even break those lumps or adhesions in the tissue, causing minor swelling, but increased blood flow which will help feed, and relax your achey muscles


Technique is important. Many clients have just ‘jumped on’ the roll bandwagon and created more pain or injury. We’ve used a spinal orientation to improve trunk and shoulder mobility for golfers. Body rotations in baseball, tennis, hockey, bowling…could all benefit from this routine.


Foam rollers come in various sizes, surfaces and can even be travel friendly for those on vacation or work travel. Check out our foam roller offer. Learn how to proceed safely at home, your foam roller can become a nightly ritual in front of the television.