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Buy your next car or truck on Ergonomic Value Winnipeg

Is it really the best time to buy a car right now in Winnipeg? Deals on 2022’s…but that pothole filled test drive will make any salesperson cringe.

What about the fit? We fit shoes; there’s a size, function, support, brand, color…sound familiar? Your vehicle’s ‘ergonomics’, how you interact with it’s controls as you drive are of more importance to the manufacturers’ than to you, the consumer. They are taken for granted. We change the seat position, and expect everything else to be just right.

Remember the ‘adjustable foot pedals’? It may still be an option. Some vehicles have ‘memory settings’ on the multiple-way adjustable seats, but none, have adjustable control boards. Some have placed inexplicable number of functions into a ‘knob control’ in the center console, that requires significant memory work or line of sight to the central dash screen. Hopefully the brand does not allow you do do this while driving!

Now the ongoing SUV, CUV, ARV…’baby boomer convenience’ battle…


really? stairs to enter a large SUV?


vehicles designed in one country, may not fit another demographic of people! The typical Asian car is designed around the average 5’7″ person, not the North American 6′ footer!

neck and upper back pain of whiplash

Whiplash, postural tension, the dreaded forward head posture…because we do most tasks in front of the body, and the computer dominant task posture has been dictating neck and back problems since the 1980’s. One example of ‘postural mediation’ the Posture Medic; can be rented or purchased with physiotherapy instruction, and/or ergonomic assessment.


Know your Ergonomics, and test your next car/truck from the inside out before making a purchase.