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Winnipeg, have you considered a ‘standing workstation’?

Have you considered a ‘standing workstation’?

or even a ‘treadmill desk’?

Both options that can be used to vary your working postures. I have now recommended and added these workstations to several Downtown Winnipeg businesses with excellent results. Studies this year out of Australia even confirm the notion that our ‘cognitive performance’ is not decreased by variable task postures in an office environment.

Some companies have chosen to dictate the task performed at such a workstation to implement this ergonomic strategy. As some employees may find it extremely difficult to perform their usual work in a standing position; most traditional ‘typists’ for example. Strategy: transition a reading task first…

The ‘treadmill desk’ can be tricky; noisy, distracting and really, of little cardiovascular value.

To avoid the ‘side effects’ of sitting-for-a-living; stand every 15 minutes, give yourself more reasons to move and work in different postures…know your Ergonomics!

About yourPhysio

Since 1991, we've been yourPhysio for over 25 years; with the first Physiotherapist in a Fitness facility in Winnipeg '92, the first Corporate Ergonomic Initiative for Winnipeg '93, the first musculoskeletal laser '94, the first Golf Performance Rehab Centre in Manitoba '95 2018, we continue to provide the best (as reviewed by our clients) physiotherapy services for Downtown Winnipeg


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