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For those that Sit-for-a-Living in Downtown Winnipeg

As we hunch over our computers and phones, or lean forward to cook and wash dishes, ever think we pretty much do everything ‘in front’.

Evolution has prepared us for some side reaches and some combination twisting movements, but hardly ever do we reach or work behind our bodies. Now that the majority of the population may sit for greater than 4 hours per day, we develop this forward head look that’s not only unattractive but possibly damaging to our health.

Extension is the key. Working to strengthen those muscles on the back of our spine, legs, neck and arms that support these ‘forward activities’. Biomechanically, most of these muscles stabilize, and even decelerate the movement to maintain safety.

Exercise to build stability; work the ‘back’ muscles twice as much as the ‘front’ muscles, ie seated rows versus chest press. Exercise for function; ultimate championships, tennis lessons, golf season Winnipeg. Know