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Texting while Driving? But your Neck, Back, Elbow, Thumb are screaming foul too!

New Texting Laws; but did you forget about the pain in your Neck?

As our Manitoba penalties change for texting and driving, we seem to have forgotten about the load we place on our neck and spine upon texting.

Occipital neuralgias; those annoying aches, often chronic headaches are more than likely due to your cellular phone use. Tablet users, voracious readers in bed and exam time students are no longer the only ones experiencing this pain. Looking down at your phone can increase the force on the spine by 6x!


Avoid those constant tension trigger points; plan your time, get a headset and use your vehicle bluetooth to avoid these wicked postures…know your ergonomics at work, rest and play!


About yourPhysio

Since 1991, we've been yourPhysio for over 25 years; with the first Physiotherapist in a Fitness facility in Winnipeg '92, the first Corporate Ergonomic Initiative for Winnipeg '93, the first musculoskeletal laser '94, the first Golf Performance Rehab Centre in Manitoba '95 2018, we continue to provide the best (as reviewed by our clients) physiotherapy services for Downtown Winnipeg


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