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Kick start your core; Kegels, Diaphragm, Winnipeg Physio?

Did you go to your pre-natal course? Victoria General, Seven Oaks, Health Sciences centre, Saint Boniface hospital, Winnipeg?

Have you heard of ‘kegel’ exercises or ‘diaphragmatic’ breathing? Both, can help you perform better, sit better and improve your ‘core’ strength; whether it be hockey at Canlan, senior volleyball or Downtown Winnipeg computer work.

Women, and men have a supportive ‘bowl’ of muscles in the pelvis; by contracting them, tightening your gut, stopping the flow of urine…you are kegeling! Sitting, standing, lying on the couch; do your kegels to initiate your core workouts.

When you breathe deeply, into your gut, you are pushing down with your diaphragm; expanding your thorax and pushing the air into the lower lungs. These lower lobes of the lungs contain the richest areas of oxygen-blood exchange. Train better, expand your belly and control your breathing effort…again, using part of your core!

Enjoy yourPhysio