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Kick start your core; Kegels, Diaphragm, Winnipeg Physio?

Did you go to your pre-natal course? Victoria General, Seven Oaks, Health Sciences centre, Saint Boniface hospital, Winnipeg?

An in-person or virtual assessment should be completed before starting any exercise program;

Have you heard of ‘kegel’ exercises or ‘diaphragmatic’ breathing? Both, can help you perform better, sit better and improve your ‘core’ strength; whether it be hockey at Canlan, senior volleyball or Downtown Winnipeg computer work.

Women, and men have a supportive ‘bowl’ of muscles in the pelvis; by contracting them, tightening your gut, stopping the flow of urine…you are kegeling! Sitting, standing, lying on the couch; do your kegels to initiate your core workouts.

When you breathe deeply, into your gut, you are pushing down with your diaphragm; expanding your thorax and pushing the air into the lower lungs. These lower lobes of the lungs contain the richest areas of oxygen-blood exchange. Train better, expand your belly and control your breathing effort…again, using part of your core!

Enjoy yourPhysio