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MPI says 20,000 motor vehicle accidents in December, is this you? Winnipeg? Whiplash?

In my opinion, our Winnipeg streets have never been so bad in my lifetime; streets like Portage, Main, Pembina, Henderson have become obstacle courses of ruts and ice.
Today, another 10,000 accidents reported by MPI in the last two weeks! Cmon Winnipeg, we are the resilient drivers of Canada, we’ve probably seen it all! Little more time and space and you too can avoid that next injury claim

I can offer you this advice to make your injury claim as ‘painless’ as possible; whether it be whiplash, other neck pain, spinal injury, low back pain, knee sprain, shoulder strain, etc.

Always obtain a ‘personal injury or health’ claim number as this is a basic part of your ‘personal injury protection plan’ given by Manitoba public insurance if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident. The pain of the accident may not be there initially, but hours or days later.

In Manitoba, you do not have to see your doctor first before obtaining treatment from a physiotherapist. The physio shall assess your injury and determine if additional testing, medication or xrays are required.

MPI will send you an individual package of information regarding the complete process to cover all costs of your personal injury. Physiotherapy fees are billed directly to MPI, such that there are no ‘out of pocket’ expenses.

Education will be a key component of your treatment program; risk management, ergonomics, exercises, that involve home and work environment should be considered.